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Practice History

This practice was originally established in Guide St, Jamboree Heights, in October 1969. Dr Carter acquired it in 1977. We moved into our present premises at The Jamboree Centre in February 1986 with three GPs. (We now have six.) In July 2005, Dr Carter sold the practice to Drs Arnold and Shirlaw then in October 2010 Dr Shirlaw became the sole owner. There are no non-doctor owners.

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The practice has passed the stringent standards for full accreditation, and has been approved for the teaching of medical students. All of our doctors are vocationally registered GPs.

After Hours

Always phone the surgery on 3376 3600. A recorded message will advise you how to obtain after hours medical care. In an emergency, it may be preferable to call 000 for an ambulance, or to attend the Wesley Hospital Emergency Centre or a public hospital casualty.

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Allied Health

Andrew Morphy (Pharmacist/Practice Manager) runs the Chemist Outlet Discount Chemist next to the surgery. Opening hours are 8.30 to 7 Monday to Friday, and 8.30 to 12 noon Saturday. The phone number for the pharmacy is 3376 2212.

Scott Hewett and his team of physiotherapists run the Alpha Physio Centre, located behind the pharmacy. Phone 3279 3871 for appointments.

Brothers Greg and Paul Killoran, together with Caroline Ho run the modern, well-equipped dental practice in the Jamboree Centre. Their phone number is 3376 1065.

Chris Ho’s orthodontic practice  is opposite the physio. His number is 3376 7388.

Bear Foot Podiatry, run by Claire Nichols, also hosts visiting psychologists, audiologist and dietician. Appointments can be made on 3268 5878.

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Consultation is normally by appointment, but urgent cases are attended to immediately. Every attempt is made to keep to appointment times, but emergencies may occasionally make this impossible. Prolonged appointments are available on request. Please tell the receptionist when you book if your consultation is likely to be long (eg full insurance examination, Cervical screening test with other items to discuss, counseling, multiple problems, mole removal, acupuncture etc) or if more than one member of the family is to be seen. When requesting a long appointment, 30 and 45 minute time slots are available.

Doctors Luchmaya, Smyth and Morze are taking new patients.

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Check Ups

Regular check ups are advisable for everyone over the age of 40 years and should cover family history, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels, smoking and breast checks. Cervical screening tests should be performed every five years on all women who have ever been sexually active. Patients should immediately bring to the attention of their doctor any change in bowel habit or appetite, a change in a mole or sore that will not heal, unexplained weight loss, persistent pain or discomfort, or other symptoms that are causing concern.

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All our doctors undertake counseling for many problems. Dr Colquhoun has undertaken specific training in modifying problem behaviour in children using the Triple P Programme.

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Fees & Bulk Billing

This is a private medical practice. Fees charged are within the AMA recommended limits. For most patients there is a gap between the Medicare refund and the fee charged.  Credit cards (Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa) or EFTPOS may be used at the time of consultation. A schedule of our fees is available at reception.

Pension card holders, Health care card holders, Commonwealth seniors health card holders and children under the age of  sixteen are, however,  bulk-billed between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am and 12 noon Saturday Mornings. (Outside these hours normal private fees apply.) Gold DVA card holders are bulk billed at all times. 

All concession cards must be presented at the time of billing to receive the concession (please note that when bulk billing your GP is providing over 50% discount from the normal fee). Any patient having problems with the payment of fees is urged to discuss the matter with their doctor.

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Home Visits

Routine home visits are done on request before or after the doctors’ consulting sessions. Emergencies are attended at any time. Large house numbers displayed on the street frontage (preferably on the letter box) help home visits, particularly at night. Home visits are normally limited to the area bounded by the Centenary Estates, Sinnamon Park, Chapel Hill, Oxley, Darra, Wacol and Forest Lake.

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ECG s, blood sugar measurement, lung function, pregnancy and hearing tests can be performed by our doctors. Pathology collecting rooms are at Mt Ommaney, Jindalee, Kenmore, Forest Lake,  and Corinda. X-rays, mammograms, CT scans, ultrasound and bone density testing are performed at Richlands and Mt Ommaney.

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Justice of the Peace

Dr Carter has been a JP since 1978 and is happy to assist with witnessing documents and other appropriate legal matters.

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Medical Students

The practice is accredited for the teaching of medical students from the University of  Queensland. From time to time students will be in attendance, sitting in on consultations so that they can learn the intricacies of the practice of medicine in the “real world” of general practice. You should be asked prior to your consultation if you are comfortable  with having a student present. Please let the receptionist know if you would prefer to be alone with your doctor.

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Registered Nurse

Our registered nurses are Monique and Jason. Monique is our RN Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  8.30am - 5.30pm and Jason is our RN Wednesday and Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm. 

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Office Staff

Our receptionists Brenda, Renee, Judy and Jan work on a rota to keep the practice open 59 hours per week. Our Manager is Chris and our junior clerks are Sarah, Laura and Bethany.

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Phone Calls

Please be aware that doctors are usually unable to properly assess patients without consultation and examination. In general, messages from patients will be passed on by our receptionists for doctors’ attention when they have finished consulting. Only in very urgent situations will doctors take calls during consultations. Replies to phone calls will often be via reception staff.

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Privacy Policy

This practice has a specific policy pertaining to patients and their medical records. Details are listed on the notice board in the surgery.  You can also view our Privacy Policy online HERE (Pdf)

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Procedures and Trauma

Our doctors routinely undertake the repair and treatment of many injuries, including lacerations, eye foreign bodies, deep splinters, burns, sprains and fractures. Minor surgical procedures including mole and wart removal are performed. Cervical screening tests, hormone implants and IUD insertion are done. Cryotherapy, nebulisation (for asthma), and resuscitation equipment including ECG and oxygen are available. Ear and body piercing is performed. Acupuncture is used when appropriate.
Please let the receptionist know that a long consultation will be required when booking procedures.

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Recall Registers

The practice maintains a recall system for Cervical screening tests and for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes in order to ensure that these are not neglected. Normally, a recall notice will only be posted out if a patient fails to attend at the recommended time for follow up. We also utilise State and Federal reminder systems such as National Diabetes Service, The Cervical Screening Register and  Australian Childhood Immunisation register. These are free services. If you do not wish to participate please advise reception staff.

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The vast majority of medical problems can be dealt with by our GPs, but sometimes referral to a specialist is necessary. A referral can only be given if medically indicated. Please note that writing a backdated referral is illegal; make sure that referrals are up to date before seeing the specialist.

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Repeat Prescriptions

Patients requiring a repeat script are requested to see their doctor for a brief consultation. If that consultation is for a script ONLY, the doctor may bulk-bill the consultation. In some circumstances, a doctor may at their discretion write a script upon a phone request; a fee applies for this service.

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Please check with  your doctor when any tests are ordered how you are to receive notification of your results. In some cases, your doctor will ask you to return to discuss further treatment; in others, they may ask you to telephone the surgery to check whether you need to return. We make every attempt to contact patients when there is a result that requires attention,; however it is always best to phone and check.

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Second Opinion

Patients are always entitled to a second opinion if they are concerned about their condition. This can easily be done by seeing a second GP within the practice, when all pertinent investigations, notes and results will be available. If an outside opinion is sought, please let your usual GP know, so that copies of the relevant investigation results can be sent to the second GP.
If a specialist second opinion is required, a new referral is necessary, and again, all previous investigations, results and treatment information should be sent to the new doctor.

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All reusable instruments used in the practice are sterilised insealed bags in a high pressure, high temperature autoclave in accordance with the strictest standards.

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Suggestions & Your Rights

The aim of the doctors in this practice is to provide the highest possible standard of ethical medical care for their patients. Suggestions for improvements to our service are welcome at all times. 

If you have a problem we would like to hear about it. Please feel free to talk to your doctor or receptionist or to write to us. We take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. However, if you wish to take the matter further and feel that you need to discuss the matter outside of the surgery there are several options available including The Medical Registration Board, AMA or Office of Health Ombudsman at:
PO Box 13281,
George Street Brisbane QLD 4003
Pn: 133 OHO (133 646)

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Surgery Access

Patients are reminded that U-turns at traffic lights are illegal. If you wish to travel east on Sumners Rd after leaving the surgery, please use the U-turn slot in Sumners Rd 150m beyond the traffic lights or turn left into Spine St and do a U-turn further down there before turning back onto Sumners Rd.

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All  routine childhood, adult and travel vaccinations are available at all times. No special time is set aside for vaccinations. Travel to developing countries may involve complex vaccination schedules. Please consult with your doctor no less than six weeks prior to your planned departure date.

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Veterans entitled to repatriation benefits due to war service will be treated free of charge for the illnesses outlined on their benefit card. The government pays around 60% of the normal consultation fee for veterans.

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Waiting Times

Our doctors make every effort to see patient at their appointed times, but sometimes circumstances such as emergencies prevent this.

You can assist us in running on time by telling our receptionist at the time of booking if you have several problems or complex issues to discuss. Please make separate appointment for each family member, even if you are all coming together.

At all times, patients are seen In the following order:

1. Emergencies
2. Those with an appointment
3. Those without an appointment

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Workers Compensation

Fees arising from work injuries are the responsibility of the patient. If the treating doctor believes that the injury should be covered by Workcover  insurance, an invoice will be sent, on the patients behalf, direct to Workcover. If, however, Workcover for any reason declines the claim, the bill becomes the responsibility of the patient.

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No Smoking

Please refrain from smoking inside the surgery or within 4 meters of any doorway.

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